Saturday, 31 March 2012


VISION- We see our country on that peak where,every Indian is educated and self-reliant.

MISSION:- We are creating a platform from where anyone can help needy people....


1. We are focusing on the construction of an eminent world.
2. to educate the people for adoption of good norms of a good citizenship and to inculcate into the people's mind,ideals of national unity.
3. To work for uplifting the status of women in the society to make them self reliant. 
4. To propagate the need for tree plantation pollution control and environmental awareness.
6.To help and generate training program for self-employment of women and educate unemployment people and to work for adult education.
7. to provide help under under health and nutrition services for women and children.
8. To organize forums,seminars,camps etc. for spreading good living habits moral values,spiritual knowledge and methods developing self confidence etc. 
9. To work for uplifting poor rural/village people for their overall development.
10. To create awareness programs.
11. To educate people against taking drugs and alcohol.
12. Distribution of study material to poor students.
13. To organise and conduct promotional training programs 

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